The Gift

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Compositions by Al Molina
Produced by Al Molina
Recorded at OTR Studios, Belmont, CA
Recorded in June 1998
Engineered by Jeff Cressman

Artwork by Joey Dillon
Cover Design by Dan Frazier

Released 1999 on Jazzer Records

The exchange of gifts has been a custom in most cultures for a long time. Usually part of a special occasion - a birthday, wedding, anniversary or holiday - it is often an expression of love as pleasing to the giver as it is the recipient.

"There are also those who have a natural gift, a special awareness in areas of thought or creation. They possess an uncanny insight into a craft and the natural skills to fully explore it. With an ability to succeed almost effortlessly they are, in fact, termed "gifted."

"Some live just long enough to make a fleeting impression, as though they're messengers passing through. Others are still with us, producing still more gifts for us to enjoy. Bob Gettle is one. His poem, reprinted here, has become my credo. Like Billy Strayhorn, he continued to inspire from the doorway to eternity. And beyond.

"These sound portraits and etchings are a celebration of the people who have helped to nourish my soul; thank you for your inspiration. And I dedicate this work to the artist Joey Dillon, much of whose work was left unfinished at the end of his short and difficult life. One of his earlier airbrush jazzscapes... [is] featured here."

Al Molina

Bob's Philosophy

Spit out the bitter - I'm not a quitter,
I don't intend to carry the cross.

I carry the sweet yoke, to shorter
sweeter simplicities,

and lucky I am to be able still to
taste and savor the friends of my memories.

Giving without expecting back,
is the greatest form of love.
Not that which you have more of
but that which is precious and rare.
Your time, your privacy, your spontaneities.
To listen when someone needs you to hear.
To touch when someone needs to be touched.

to be quiet when someone needs quiet.

Memories and magical moments are nothing
unless shared with someone.


I will sail and soar for the rest of my days.
We're all on a grain of sand called earth,
sailing through the universe.
Always chip away at your dreams.

Attention!! To thine own self be true.
Here and now - Bob Gettle,
There and now, Bob Gettle, Attention!

See the writings on the walls.
Always plant the seeds for tomorrow.
Pick out the dreams that linger in your
mind's eye, through the years, and
take them the extra mile.

Don't spin your wheels, don't waste
the time of your life.

Life is not quantity - life is quality.
So - Stay awake!!

—Bob Gettle
written in June 1989
at SF General Hospital